Josh Niernberg


Bin 707 Foodbar, Tacoparty, Dinnerparty Grand Junction

A forth generation Denver Native, Josh began his restaurant career in 1994, working nights while spending his days pursuing a career as a snowboarder, Josh had the opportunity to learn from and cook for some of Denver's most notable restauranteurs and chefs of the time. In the late 90''s, after realizing his love for the business, Josh moved to the “front of the house” to focus on operations and hospitality. He Joined the Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group at the flagship Restaurant Kevin Taylor. It was there he met Chef Sean Yontz whom Josh helped to open several eponymous Denver restaurants with including Tamayo, Vega, and Chama. With hands on experience curating eclectic Spanish Wine lists and 300+ bottle tequila menus, Josh began studying for his level one Sommelier Certification. He returned to Metro State college to pursue a degree in Industrial Design, unintentionally developing a skillset invaluable to his future in the industry.

Josh and his wife and business partner, Jodi (also an industry vet) moved to her hometown of Grand Junction, Colorado in 2007. The economic downturn of the late 2000's hit the Grand Valley hard, which sparked the concept for Bin 707 Foodbar. Josh and Jodi created a restaurant designed to make significant economic impact through its purchasing habits, service and employment models . With Josh as the Executive Chef and Jodi as the beverage director, the couple opened Bin in Feb 2011. With the ethos of “local first, Colorado second and domestic last”, Bin 707 Foodbar grew quickly and garnered an amazing presence at a time when “Farm to Table” had yet to be coined, driven by the mission to both explore and further define the concept of regional and Colorado Cuisine, Josh builds menus based upon product availability from the region as a showcase of Western Colorado and Colorado cuisine.

In 2017, the couple opened their second concept Tacoparty and Dinnerparty. Tacoparty is a quick service Colorado sourced taco shop. Dinnerparty is a private 40 seat dining room created to host multi-course tasting menus and collaboration events. Like their original Bin 707 Foodbar, the restaurants are created to showcase a unique sense of place intended to promote Colorado's Grand Valley. Josh has garnered numerous accolades including Good Food 100 awards for both of the Niernberg's restaurants. Bin 707 Foodbar is a featured destination by the Truth Love & Clean Cutlery Guide, and Josh is also a member of both the USA Slow Food Chef Alliance and participating leader in the James Beard Smart Catch initiative for his continued commitment to sustainability within the food chain.

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